Tuesday, April 12, 2011

$0 Electric Bills

Have you received an electric bill lately with $0 due?  Most likely not.  Unless, however, you have made the jump to solar.
We can't tell you how excited our solar customers are when they start receiving their electric bills after having SALT install solar systems on their homes.  Inevitably, we receive phone calls from them excitedly telling us about how low their electric bill is.  And we celebrate right along with them!

So just how much can switching to solar save you on your monthly electric bill?  Let's just say some of our customers are actually receiving money BACK from the electric company each month.

Take Ms. Ezmirly, for example.  After installing a custom designed solar system on her home, she called us to report: 
     "I got my electric bill today and was excited to see that I do not owe anything for the 2nd month in a row!"

And then there's John Perrotti, another valued SALT customer, who had us install a Grid-Tied Battery Back-Up System on his family's home:
    "The people from SALT began a whole new educational process for us. There are a great many possible configurations and different types of solar systems. Ultimately, we chose a “Grid Tied Battery Backup System.
    We had been told from the very beginning that installing solar hot water made the most financial sense of all of the solar applications. The big question was whether or not we could arrive at a financially workable solar energy array. The people from SALT were very patient and helpful towards that end. They indicated they were interested helping us, not only to have us as customers, but to help show that these types of installations are not only for the very wealthy. After looking at a great many possible configurations, we decided to go with a two-stage approach. We would install a solar hot water system and two thirds of the solar panels we would ultimately have. SALT came up with a solution using a tank designed for coastal exterior installations. They designed a custom, hybrid system utilizing the south facing portion of our roof to accommodate not only the rows of panel we planned to install now, but also taking into account the ones that would be installed after we financially recover from “Stage One.”

    As we worked through some of the “nuances” of this custom system of solar hot water heating, SALT was attentive at solving the issues that surfaced. We now have more than enough hot water and it is all heated by the sun." 

Needless to say, when it comes to solar - SALT knows how to customize the perfect system for your home or boat to start saving you money.

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